23 Apr

Smelly Kit Crisis

Pile of washing

Smelly kit, smelly kit, what shall I do with you? I think it’s what wannabe hippy guitarist Phoebe sang in TV’s Friends.

It went something like that anyway. It’s a question that has been circling round my mind recently too. You see, I’ve been doing a fair bit of training. Not just running, but cycling and the odd swim too.

So, I produce a lot of dirty kit, on an almost daily basis. The thing is I also live in a house where there are two babies. Our one year old twins also have a tendency to get clothes dirty every day. And it’s driving the wife nuts. We are a house with a dirty clothes crisis and the washing machine is struggling to keep up.

I don’t want you to think my wife does all the washing. Actually forget that, I do want you to think that. She does all the washing, whilst I hunt for meat all day and return bare-chested to axe some wood for the evening fire. That’s exactly how it is and that’s all great.

But what’s bothering her is the time my kit takes up in the washing machine, especially when there are bibs, vests and little t-shirts desperately needing a clean. Sometimes, I do the decent thing and don’t chuck my sweaty kit in the washing basket or straight in the machine.

Sometimes, I put the kit straight back in my special kit drawer in the bedroom or the plastic box I’ve annexed near the backdoor, ready to re-use for another run the next day. So what gratitude do I get for easing the burden – and doing the environment a favour too? Nothing, that’s what. “What’s that smell?” “Get that stinky stuff out of here!” A runner’s blood, sweat and tears are not always appreciated.    


  1. K Walls said...

    Some times the stinky kit stickies up the rest of the washing in the machine. Two teenagers in the house don't appreciate it and then it's triple the amount of washing for me. I have tried soaking it before it's washed, vinegar, sports wash detergents, disinfectants, bicarbonate of soda and various other weird things. Marino wool items cause the least trouble but it's really expensive and not so hard wearing. If you google, why does my sports clothes stink? It tells you that the moisture wicking materials let water out and hold onto the proteins in your sweat. It's just gonna stnk no matter what you do to it!#STINKYRUNNER