31 Dec

Sleepless In Auckland

Kim Allan

As the New Year approaches and we prepare to rest our weary legs after 12 hard months of training, spare a thought for Kim Allan, who, last week, set a new world record for the longest distance without sleep. The 47-year-old New Zealander ran continuously for 86 hours, 11 minutes and 9 seconds, in which time she covered an incredible 310 miles.

Allan surpassed the previous record of 486 km set by American Pam Reed in 2005 as she completed 332 consecutive laps around a park in Auckland, New Zealand. This was Allan's second attempt at the world record - the athlete was forced to withdraw last year after 370km.

Despite the intensity and duration of the run, Allan acknowledged she was 'just a bit weary' but wasn't suffering from any serious ill-effects aside from blistered toes and bruised legs.

Speaking after the challenge, which is being dubbed 'Sleepless in Auckland', Allan said she was overwhelmed by the response her challenge has evoked: "It's all a bit surreal at the moment. I see posts about a New Zealand woman beating the world record, [and] I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, that's me they're talking about.'"s

A former professional jockey, Allan took up long distance running to help with her rehabilitation after she broke her leg. Throughout her world record attempt, she was raising money for the New Zealand Spinal Trust, a charity for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and their families and caregivers.