24 Apr

Sign Up by 6pm for the Glasgow Parkrun

If you would like to run in one of Scotland's friendliest races for free, then all you have to do is register your details once and then turn up as often as you like. The 5K race is held every Saturday morning at 9.30am in Pollok Park Glasgow. Sign up by 6pm today at www.parkrun.com/glasgow and enjoy your run in the park tomorrow.

The Glasgow parkrun is one of a series of small, friendly, weekly running events.

Runners of all abilities are always welcome - everyone from beginners through to Olympians, and from juniors through to pensioners. You can never be too slow, but you can also never be too quick! Each race provides the same course every week, and encourages a friendly level of competition. Providing runners the opportunity to track their progress over weeks, months, seasons and years