23 Feb

Sichel Steady In 48 Hour Challenge

William Sichel 48

Approaching the half way mark in the 2 day treadmill challenge in Evreux, Southern France, William Sichel is placed in fifth position despite suffering from a bout of sickness. As it stands, Sichel has covered 84.78 miles, with Swiss runner Christian Fatton on course to break the world record with 134.74 miles.

Around 11 hours into the event Sichel was struggling after taking an electrolyte tablet, bringing his average pace down to 4mph. With the assistance of 15 minute power naps and non-alcoholic beer and ice-cream, Sichel managed to recover and has settled into some steady running.

The other British runner, Sharon Gayter, who was a last-minute replacement for Christina Gonzalez Garcia, is currently one place ahead of Sichel in fourth. Sharon, who recently set a Guinness World Record for covering 517.33 miles on a treadmill over the course of 7 days, sits on 104.70 miles.

The brainchild of local organiser Gerard Cain, the six athletes taking part in the 48 Hour Treadmill Challenge are all looking to match Tony Mangan's record. The Irishman covered 251.80 miles in 2007.

The 48 hour competition is part of Sichel's project 60@60 in which he aims to set 60 records before reaching his 60th birthday on October 1, 2013. In his last event in November, the endurance runner won the 8 Day No Finish Line road race, covering a staggering 621.37 miles.