24 Mar

Selfie Help For NYC Runner

Kelly Roberts during NYC half

An American runner has become an internet sensation by providing a unique insight into her New York Half Marathon experience. 24-year-old, Kelly Roberts, took 13 'selfies' during the race with each one featuring an unsuspecting 'cute guy' running in the background.

Kelly said the idea struck her during the race last Sunday: “I noticed there was a really cute guy behind me. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I should make a hashtag #hottguysofthenychalf.'”

When Kelly spotted a male runner she found attractive, she'd run ahead of him and take a picture. She then uploaded the pictures to her Instagram account. One of the featured men took to the website to comment on his photo, saying: "I knew something was up from the slap on the bum on the way through…."

Brooklyn native Kelly said her favourite shot was of an older man in short running shorts: "He was a hoot and a half."

Whilst the photos have received largely positive feedback, Canadian media outlet Canoe asked whether they should be considered 'Creepy or funny?'

To view the pictures, go to Kelly's Instagram page.


  1. Alan said...

    Just a pity nobody has picked up on the fact she didn't pay to run in the race,..,,,,jumped the barrier and ran for free!!!!!