10 Oct

Scots CaniX Team Heading To Wales

Scotland Canix Team

A team of 45 Scots will head to South Wales this weekend for the CaniX World Championships. Canicross, which involves running cross-country races with the aid of your dog, is growing rapidly in popularity with several groups throughout the UK. The championships will be held on Saturday and Sunday in Pembrey Country Park, Llanelli.

The Scottish team consists of 25 female, 11 male and 9 junior athletes, and 50+ canine athletes will run over 404 kilometres on sandy trails at break neck speeds. Classes consist of Canicross one dog, Canicross two dog, Bikejor & Scooter. With the majority of miles covered on foot by the Scots who have one entry in the bikejor and one in the scooter class with the rest in one or two dog canicross.

Team manager, Karen Connal said: "I have great hope of bringing medals home to Scotland from this event, a lot of us are going for the pleasure of running with our dogs and for the atmosphere of the big event, but we also have really good chances of medals in most age groups especially from the oldest and the youngest team members."

Team member, 13-year-old Scott Connal, added: "Its great to get the chance to represent Scotland and to wear the Scotland shirt. I started canicross for fun as it's really fast and an easy way to exercise my dog. Going to Wales will be the biggest thing we have done so far and I am looking forward to the course, which is quite flat but very sandy. There will be stiff competition from England and Belgium in particular but win or lose, I will still take the best dog home with me".

For more information, visit the Cani-sports Scotland page or the CaniX UK page.