17 Mar

Running Scared

Michael Go

Education secretary, Michael Gove, caused a furore last month by issuing guidance for teachers stating 'extra physical activity such as running around a playing field' should be used as punishment in schools. Since his comments, a petition has been launched by Change to have this guidance removed and has so far received over 9,000 signatures.

Gove's comments have been met with widespread derision with a slew of celebrities voicing their anger. Olympian Brendan Foster said: "It’s a step back. For years we’ve told people running is enjoyable and beneficial to health. Now Mr Gove has sent a message it’s bad – a punishment on a par with picking up litter or doing 100 lines."

Triathlete Chrissie Wellington, wrote on her website: “Using physical activity as a punishment is outdated and inappropriate. It will entrench lasting fear and loathing for sport amongst children and young people, running the risk that they will carry negative attitude to physical activity throughout their lives."

Paula Radcliffe also weighed in, claiming the idea was 'totally ridiculous'!

For more information and to sign the petition, visit the Change website.