1 Apr

Running For President

Donald TrumpUS presidential candidate Donald Trump is planning to launch an obstacle race series in Scotland later this year, sources have revealed. The 69-year-old’s Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire and Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire will reportedly be transformed into obstacle-laden courses for the Run For Trump events.

The races will feature various obstacles, including The Mexican Wall (which Trump claims will be financed by the Mexican government), Trump Tower (an all-glass tower modelled on Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel from Back to the Future 2), and toughest of all, Hillary Clinton (a life-size cardboard cutout of the Democratic candidate, which is said to have a habit of flipping).

One highly placed source told runABC: “Mr Trump wants to make obstacle racing great again. He knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and running – after all he’s defied the odds to become the Republican nomination front-runner! The race will be open to everyone, which is unusually tolerant of Mr Trump.”

Those wishing to enter can do so as a solo participant or with a ‘running mate’. Children's cheerleading troupe USA Freedom Kids will provide support throughout the race, though may be drowned out by protesters. Watch this space for more info.


  1. Andrew Grant said...

    Can I do this with my wife Hilary?
    Regards.. Bill

    BTW Oranges are green when young.

  2. Lizzi said...

    Well done!