28 Oct

Running For Prime Minister

Dean FarleyA runner was at the centre of an alleged security breach involving David Cameron yesterday after going for a lunchtime run. Dean Farley was running to the gym in Leeds when he found himself being wrestled to the ground by Mr Cameron's bodyguards after being mistaken for a protester trying to attack the prime minister. 

After being detained by the police, Mr Farley was de-arrested and released without charge. 

Mr Farley jokingly posted on Facebook afterwards: "So im all over the news as 'the protester that attacked david cameron in leeds' yeah if you call brushing into someone while running then getting assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits, attacking."

The 28-year-old described how the incident happened: "I ran across the road. A bunch of men in suits came out the side of the Civic Hall. Next thing I know I've got a half dozen suited men haranguing me and manhandling me to the floor. I was then told I was being detained to prevent further breach of the peace. And then cuffs were slapped on behind me. I didn't see David Cameron. I didn't know it was David Cameron until I was let out the police van later." 

West Yorkshire Police said 'nothing sinister' had taken place but the Metropolitan Police, which provides personal security for the prime minister, will review the incident. 

Mr Farley admitted he was left shaken by the altercation and said that media reaction had been 'insane'. He added that many of his friends now wanted to buy him a drink and admitted that he could 'see the funny side'.

"I kind of wish I and been protesting something or I had had something to say."

Photo: Ross Parry


  1. Peter Black said...

    Does First Minister Alex Salmond have this kind of security? I live near him and if there's the slightest risk of being treated like this, I'm giving up jogging.