22 Jul

Runners Charge The Border

XBorder 10k

The second XBorder 10k Run took place this Sunday with over 450 runners completing the route that starts in Gretna, Scotland and finishes over the border in Carlisle. With warm temperatures throughout the week, organisers were prepared for Sunday's weather, adding an extra water station and a fire hydrant with sprinklers to cool runners down.

Starting in Gretna and finishing on the northern outskirts of Carlisle, the 10k represents one of the few cross border runs in the world. Despite the hot conditions, 18-year-old Alastair Weymouth of Border Harriers finished the race in an impressive 34:37, with Bob Hodgson second (35:29) and Samuel Beckett third (36:08). In the women's field, Heidi Dent crossed the line first in 41:57.

The 10k was taken over by Warrington based English Half Marathon organisers Contest Sports this year and Event Director, Rob Griffiths, was very pleased with how smoothly the race went, Rob said: "We had to keep an eye on the weather all week. We put in an additional water station and had a fire hydrant and sprinklers at the finish to cool people down. We were very pleased with how things went and it was great to see so many smiling faces cross the finish line."

There is more to come from the XBorder Run Series in 2014, with new races being developed. Rob added: "It's a simple concept, start in one country and finish in another. We have 3 possible route options for an England to Wales race and are exploring other opportunities in Europe."

For more information, visit the XBorder Series website.