25 Jun

Runners Bypass London Traffic


With last Friday's (June 22) bus drivers strike further highlighting London's dependency on public transport, one firm is taking matters into their own hands in the lead up to the city hosting the Olympic Games. JogPost will deploy runners to dispatch items for leading courier companies, including DHL, as a means of avoiding the expected congestions issues during the Olympics. The firm has estimated there will be around 100 to 110 runners who will jog an average of six miles a day, with the maximum distance being 10 miles.

JogPost founders Henry Buckley and JJ Harding

After appearing on TV show Dragon's Den last August, JogPost has established itself as a cost-effective and expeditious method of distribution. Formed by Henry Buckley and JJ Harding, the company hires 'extremely fit and healthy people who jog and post your marketing materials'.

Co-founder JJ Harding feels the use of JogPost will minimise the amount of vehicles entering the city as well as alleviating the congestions issues. He said: "using joggers to carry out deliveries has the potential to be a viable and environmentally-positive solution well beyond the Olympics."

To find more about Jogpost, visit their website here. You can also watch their pitch to the formidable dragons on Youtube.