3 Sep

runbritain Launches Online Ranking System

TV presenter and keen runner Jenni Falconer compares her score with that of Dave Bedford

runbritain has announced the launch of its revolutionary new handicap scoring system designed to give road runners of all levels the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains.

The scoring system, which has been developed in conjunction with the team behind the McCain Power of 10 website, enables runners to claim a ranking score based on any single performance at 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. It also allows them to make comparisons against fellow runners of varying degrees of ability. The new system will offer guidance and support on future racing selections and opportunities to improve current runbritain handicap scores.

Virgin London Marathon Race Director Dave Bedford (pictured) joined forces with GMTV and Lotto draw television presenter Jenni Falconer this week to highlight how the scoring system could transcend runners of all abilities.

Falconer, a keen road runner, was eager to support the scheme. She said, "I run regularly and am racing a few times this year. The new runbritain handicap scoring system is a great way to check how you're doing across a range of distances and compare your progress head-to-head with other runners that you know.

"It adds incentive and motivates you to try and complete the course in the best time possible. I'm keen to try and lower my handicap which means I'll have to push myself that little bit harder!"

Those visiting the runbritain website to claim their handicap ranking will also be provided with a bespoke personal running biog page, featuring:

  • current rankings at each distance
  • personal progress graph
  • direct comparisons with other runners with a 'head-to-head' function
  • handicap score updated automatically after each run
  • target times to bring score down by 1.0 handicap points

runbritain MD, Geoff Wightman said, "We have been working hard since the start of the year to create the functionality that we believe runners will like from this free offering. Most road runners are motivated by tangible targets, whether it's racing for the first time, improving PBs or competing more frequently.

"We also believe that the runbritain handicap scoring will help retain some of the runners, who sign up for our bigger races as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This scheme should also help answer the question of which is your best racing distance year-on-year. We hope it will revolutionise the way that runners benchmark their progress in our sport at all levels."

For more information, visit the runbritian rankings website.

Photograph - UK athletics