28 Apr

Ditch The Daily Commute And run2work

run2workWith summer around the corner, we no longer have to suffer the horror that is waking up and going to work in near darkness. As such, a new initiative called run2work is encouraging us to make the most of the extra daylight by ditching the regular train commute and run to work on Thursday 5 June.

The campaign has been launched with the aim of getting 1 million more people active and running by 2020. To encourage participation, run2work’s website has a free route planner to show how long it will take people to run to any destination at a slow jog, medium or faster pace.

Having analysed more than 50,000 routes around London, one of the premises of the campaign is that running to work may be quicker than you think. The website also allows participants to explore and add routes around their area to increase its community reach.

Hannah England, who competed for Team GB in the London 2012 Games, has leant her support and commented: “I think running to work is a great idea. Starting the day with exercise will leave you energised and motivated for the day ahead, it's good for your body, mind, the environment and your pocket.”

For more information on run2work, you can visit their Facebook page.