9 Aug

Run Woman Show Comes To Edinburgh

Courtesy of Melanie Jones

This month sees Edinburgh host the biggest arts festival in the world - the Fringe - and for runners, one show in particular stands out. Endure: A Run Woman Show, is billed as 'an impressive dance theatre performance' that takes place across 5km of public park and is presented by writer and performer Melanie Jones.

The show aims to give an insight into the mind of a marathon runner and involves audience members running or walking alongside Melanie as she takes them on a route through the city while they listen to narration and a musical soundtrack on MP3 players.

The promo material says: "Using the marathon as a metaphor, the nameless central character uses running to pick up the pieces of her broken life, capturing the peaceful and obsessive-compulsive nature of sport. The soundtrack, a dreamlike and cinematic collection of songs written and performed by Scandinavian singer-song-writer Christine Owman underscores the play's script: a runner's inner monologue set to motion exploring the thousands of thoughts that rush through a runner's head as she trains for and runs 26.2 miles."

The audience meet in George Square and start by listening to a warm-up audio track as they walk to Arthur's Seat for the main part of the show. The performance takes place at speeds varying from stillness to 'race pace' but it's up to the audience how fast they move.

The show is on from August 9-12 and 15-19. To find out more visit the Run Woman Show website