15 Aug

Stuart’s 550 mile ‘Run of Gratitude’ nears its Aberdeenshire end from a Surbiton start

Stuart Amory crosses into Scotland on his epic run

Aberdeen-born personal trainer Stuart Amory will shortly be arriving in Oyne, Aberdeenshire – after having set off from Surbiton over a fortnight ago.  

Stuart’s ‘Run of Gratitude’ – so named because of his gratitude for all the good things he has in his life – will see him run around 50km a day for 17 days.

Stuart left Surbiton, a location very close to his home, on Monday, 30 July.

He will be finishing in Oyne, a place that is close to his heart. The small Aberdeenshire village is where his partner, Sara – who has made him realise that no matter how tough life can get, there is always something to be grateful for – lives. 

Stuart’s run and all of the tough miles that he is putting in – to reach a place and a person that means so much to him – is symbolic of his gratitude for things that we can all so often take for granted: good health, legs that work, a good relationship and the support of friends and family. 

Determined to face this physical and mental challenge head-on, Stuart is also raising money and perhaps more importantly, awareness, for mental health charity MIND. Through his efforts, Stuart hopes to help lift the stigma that surrounds mental health to encourage sufferers who do not usually talk about their mental health problems. 

Acutely aware that too many people, can succumb to mental health issues that can lead to the break-up of relationships and sadly in some cases loss of life, Stuart also hopes that his challenge will help people to start talking and in turn get help for their problems.

As of Tuesday night (14 August), Stuart was just outside Aberdeen, having completed nearly 550 miles of his challenge in just over 16 days. Along the way he has battled cramps, exhaustion, dangerous roads and dwindling mojo, but has never lost sight of his goal.

On Monday he tweeted: “Only look back to see how far you’ve come. Struggling again today, but trying to think of the miles behind me and what I’ve achieved so far. Whatever journey you are on … keep flipping going!”

If you’d like to track Stuart for his final miles, he can be followed on his social media channels or his tracker. You can also run with him as his journey draws to a close, or help him reach his fundraising target of £10,000 by donating on justgiving.

Image: Stuart Amory (twitter) #TheRunofGratitude.