14 Dec

Run Geordie Run Feeling The Heat

Run Geordie Run

Things are hotting up for Mark Allison (aka Run Geordie Run) as he continues his 2,600-mile Benfield Australia Run. Mark has now completed over 2000 miles of the challenge, with temperatures of up to 40c predicted for the 11 remaining days.

At Balranald, New South Wales, Mark described the temperatures as being 'very tough to run in'.

Despite this, he seemed in positive spirits: "This dream is still alive and kicking. Every mile in Australia has to be fought for. It's been the case for 59 days. I've worked so much harder on this tour than in the USA. It's all still to do but with huge effort it's looking good for Bondi on time."

Mark's foot injury has flared up again but his partner, Donna Houghton, has helped treat it: "Donna is continuing to do just enough with my right foot to give me the platform for days like today.."

He also revealed that he was given respite from a non-medicinal substance: "I'm past caring now because I've had two glasses of champagne. My first alcohol in God knows how many months! I can't even feel me right foot. There's no pain there at all. Codeine? Who needs Codeine! Champagne's the answer."

To keep up to date with Mark's challenge, visit his blog.