9 Dec

Run Geordie Run Battles On

Run Geordie Run

Mark Allison, aka Run Georgie Run, has less than 700 miles and just over two weeks left of his 2,600-mile Benfield Australia Run from Perth to Sydney. Plagued by injury throughout the challenge, Mark has also recently been battling with the Australian weather and insatiable mosquitoes.

Remaining upbeat, Mark tweeted: "The battle here in Australia isn't just out there on the road. It's everywhere. It never ends. All of these factors are why I chose to run across this incredible country in the summer. The challenge, so far, has certainly lived up to, and in many ways, exceeded my expectations."

He also revealed a change of tactics: "I reckon another 7 days of damage limitation then attack. I'm on plan D at the minute. The focus has shifted from deficits to miles left to run.

Yesterday, Mark was aiming to breach the 1800 mile barrier as he approached Victoria, despite the weather forecast predicting thunderstorms. For the past week, he has been joined by his running partner, Donna Houghton, who has helped with his injury problems. Mark went as far as saying that Donna had 'rescued this run by getting rid of the major problems with my feet'.

For more information on the challenge, visit the Run Geordie Run blog or go to Mark's Twitter page.