25 Feb

Run For Tomorrow

Run for Tomorrow

After the success of global initiatives such as The Longest Day Run and Endurancelife's Run the World, this September will see the launch of the latest all-encompassing running event. Run for Tomorrow (R4T) will begin in Ottawa, Canada, and move through 30 countries over the course of 180 days, with the baton never stopping on a continuous, relay-style run.

Fronted by a 10-person team, each member will be required to cover more than a marathon a day for the entirety of the 180 days. Local runners and celebrities will be invited to take part in each stage, with the challenge looking to encourage as many children and adults to adopt a healthier lifestyle. After departing Ottawa in September, the team are expected to arrive in the UK early in 2014.

Each day, the team will cover approximately 120 miles as the runners continuously pass the 'Commitment Scroll' to one another (through night and day). The Commitment Scroll will list the names of people who either have committed money to the R4T goal or have committed volunteer time to provide support to one of the affiliated charities.

Malcolm Anderson, founder of the R4T challenge, explained the thinking behind the scroll: 'When people sign the Commitment Scroll they also make a public commitment to do a physical activity of their choice, the goal of which is to improve their own health and wellbeing.'

Two of the core team - Steve Edwards and Linda Major - are highly recognisable figures on the UK running scene. On top of completing the Brathay 10 in 10 on four separate occasions, Steve became the first person to run 500 sub 3:30 marathons. Linda, meanwhile, has more than 300 marathons under her belt and is currently second in the UK for the most marathons completed by a female.

Information on the other members of the team, and when R4T will be passing through the UK, is available on the event website.