28 Jan

Not Such A Mini Feat

Ross EdgleyEmbarking upon any marathon is testing enough for most of us, yet Ross Edgley took this to a whole different level by completing 26.2 miles with a 1,400kg Mini Countryman strapped to his back. The Cheshire-based runner achieved the remarkable feat, fittingly, at Silverstone’s racing circuit, and managed to do so in just under 20 hours.

Edgley had been training extensively for eight months leading up to the event, which he entitled the 'World’s Strongest Marathon', and regularly consumed upwards of 6,000 calories. As part of the challenge, Edgley was raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Children With Cancer, Sports Aid and United Through Sport.

Reflecting on the challenge, Edgley commented: “The hardest moment came at 7am. Although it was only five miles in, it was cold, dark and we had a half-kilometre stretch uphill into the wind. It almost broke me.”

As to his recovery, he added: “My legs are tender, as you’d expect. But what's surprising is how my entire body ached after 10 miles. Now [after the event] it's about intelligently recovering and getting some physio and nutritional TLC.”