11 Jan

Ron’s Top Marathon Picks

Ron HillDr Ron Hill MBE has chosen his top marathon picks for 2016. The legendary marathon runner spoke to travel specialists Sports Tours International about the top 26.2 mile events to run this year.

Ron has a wealth of running knowledge, having run over 100 marathons and winning some of the top marathons in the world, including Boston and Athens. He was the second man to break 2:10 and set world records at four other distances.

Ron’s top picks are:

New York City Marathon - “It is one of the best Major Marathons and I urge all runners to run it at least once.”

Malta Marathon - “One of the most enjoyable places to run a marathon, as it’s mostly downhill and a great place for a holiday!”

Washington Marathon - “As Washington is an interesting town, this is a good place for running a marathon and having a city break at the same time.”

Berlin Marathon - “I have watched with wonder over the last few years as the current crop of top marathon runners have gradually reduced the World Record time on this course.  The same applies to ordinary runners, as you can improve your own marathon times on such a good course.”

Athens Marathon - “Every runner must have Athens Marathon on their running CV!”

Boston Marathon - “The oldest marathon in the world starting the year after the resurrected Olympics in 1897. I won this race in 1969 in a time of 2:10:30."

Chicago Marathon - “It sometimes gets forgotten behind New York and Boston, in terms of top American marathons, but Chicago is a fantastic city and well worth the visit.”

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