1 Oct

Ron Returns To Athens

Ron Hill in 1975Dr. Ron Hill will make a fitting return to the iconic sporting location of Athens to retrace the journey he made in 1969 at the European Championships. The event saw Ron win his first ever major international championship and secure gold in just over 2:16. 

Ron will be travelling to Greece as part of the Sports Tours International trip to the 2016 Athe 13 November and organised by Sports Tours International. Ron plans to return the trophy he won on the day, and Ron being Ron, the 72-year-old will lace up and compete in the Athens 5K.

During the past 45 years, Ron has clocked up over 15,000 days of running and competed in more than 2,200 races in 100 different countries. One year prior to his success in Athens, Ron became the first ever Britain to win the Boston Marathon. Following his success in Boston, Ron went on to win gold at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games, recording a time of 2:09:28, and allowing him to become the second man ever to break the 2:10 barrier.

The journey to Greece will see one of the leading distance runners in history return to the location of one of his greatest achievements.

For anyone who has booked their travel package to Athens through Sports Tours International, Ron will be on hand for a Q & A session.