23 Dec

50 Years And Counting

Dr. Ron HillRon Hill has run every day since 20 December 1964. Dr. Hill crowned this incredible half century feat by taking part at Heaton Park parkrun on Saturday morning; the 76-year-old finished the event in an impressive 29:20.

Since embarking on the run streak, Hill has covered, according to his log book, over 160,000 miles, a distance which translates to running around the world on six occasions.

Hill has established himself as one of the most recognisable figures in distance running, winning the Boston Marathon in 1970 and gold at the Commonwealth Games the same year. In the same year, he became the second ever man to break 2:10 over 26.2 miles.

In addition to competitive racing, Hill also has a PhD in textile chemistry and set up his own sports brand in 1970. After setting his record, Hill commented on his streak: "Once you get into the habit of it, you just do it. Just get wrapped up and get out the door.  It's [my] advice to everybody - just start running and within five minutes you're in your stride and probably enjoying it."

The organisers of the Heaton Park parkrun said they were "honoured that he has chosen to celebrate this milestone with us."