8 Jan

Ron Says Make 2018 Your Big Marathon Year

Ron Hill at street sign

At the start of a New Year, runABC spoke to running legend Ron Hill and asked him to offer our readers and website visitors advice about taking their running to a new level in 2018.

Ron's answer was short and sweet: "Run a marathon!"

So we asked Ron his thoughts on the top races we should all be thinking about?

"26.2 miles is a real test for any runner but if you've had a little experience, say completed a 10k, then a marathon should be within your range if you're prepared to do the training.

"That means being motivated to head out three, four and maybe five times a week as part of your training programme. For me the prospect of the marathon at the European Championships or the Commonwealth Games or at a huge event like Boston was really inspirational and meant I worked hard during my preparations.

"For recreational, and even club, runners a big target race will give you the motivation to do the work in the months leading up to your race. That's why I suggest aiming for something special.

"I always loved travelling myself and enjoyed incredible trips in the 1960s and 70s. Then it was only the elite runners that headed abroad for the big races but now those opportunities are open to all runners.

"I've noticed in recent years  the growth in popularity of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Every year thousands set out to complete the incredible challenge of being part of one of these amazing events at London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago or Boston. It's fantastic that so many runners are able to be part of these brilliant experiences.


TCS New York City Marathon

"One event I'd happily recommend is TCS New York City Marathon. My first race  there was when I was 38 and I finished 10th in 2:19:43. This was after my peak but I enjoyed the city and the race atmosphere so much I returned a further three times. New York is special."
 Join more than 50,000 runners on the incredible route from Staten Island through the Five Boroughs of New York to the finish in Central Park. Details of Sports Tours International trips to NYC Marathon are here.

action from NYC Marathon


BMW Berlin Marathon

“Berlin is the fastest recognised marathon course in the world. I have watched with wonder over the last few years as the current crop of top marathon runners have gradually reduced the world record time on this course. The same applies to ordinary runners - you can aim for a fast time on such a good course.”
Details at Sports Tours International.

The Brandenburg Gate


Bank of America Chicago Marathon

“Another of the Marathon Majors and a pretty quick course too. It sometimes gets forgotten behind New York and Boston, in terms of top American marathons, but Chicago is a fantastic city and well worth the visit.”
Details at Sports Tours International.

action from Chicago Marathon



“One of the great things that’s happened to running in recent years is the way that it has opened up to everyone – whether you’re looking for a personal best, or just a unique and fun experience. runDisney operates some fantastic races at their theme parks in Paris, Florida and California. Whether it’s a 5k or a multi-day challenge including a full marathon, runDisney offers a great way to enjoy running – and of course the perfect excuse to take the family on the holiday of a lifetime!”
Details at Sports Tours International.

running action from Disneyland


Schneider Electric Paris Marathon

Ron says: “It's just a short hop across the channel to Paris and the world-famous Paris Marathon.It's one of the world’s biggest marathons, with more than 40,000 taking part every year. Your run will start on one of the world’s most famous streets, the Champs Elysées and will then take you on a memorable journey through the City of Light. This should be on every runner’s bucket list.”
Details at Sports Tours International.

running action from Paris Marathon