13 Dec

Rocky Road Runners

Rocky 50K runners

150 runners went for a Sly run in Philadelphia last Saturday (7 December) as they recreated one of the most iconic running scenes in cinema history. The Rocky 50K is an ultra run that follows the course Sylvester Stallone's character, Rocky Balboa, in the 1979 film Rocky II.

The event was organised by social media coordinator and ultramarathoner Rebecca Schaefer in September after it was revealed that Rocky's likely route in the film covers a distance of 30.61 miles.

Rebecca said: "If you actually look at where he runs, he's all over the city. That's a lot for someone to undertake without serious training."

Many runners were decked out in Rocky's trademark retro grey tracksuit and red headband. Phil Yurkon from Scranton, Pennsylvania, wore boxing gloves and had 'Lithuanian Stallion' written on the back of his sweatshirt, a play on Rocky's 'Italian Stallion' nickname and an homage to Mr. Yurkon's ancestry. The 32-year-old hadn't run more than 17 miles before this run; he heard about the Rocky run the day before and decided to try it.

At the finish line, Ms. Schaefer said she considered the inaugural run a success, and was proud of the lack of amenities. "It completely captures the spirit of Rocky. Rocky was running to better himself and push his limits, and that's what we did here today."

For more information, visit the Rocky 50K website.