3 Mar

Rock ‘n’ Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon Cancelled

action from Edinburgh Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Rock ‘n’ Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon and 10K scheduled for 29 June, 2014 has been cancelled.  Race organisers made the announcement this afternoon (Monday, 3 March) although there have been rumours circulating that the event may be in doubt following the recent cancellation of the Oslo Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon due to the lack of interest in the Norwegian race.

The Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon was launched in a blaze of publicity in 2012 when Competitor Group took over the running of the previous Edinburgh Half Marathon.  Last year 5,500 participants were involved in the event but heavy rain meant that the post-race concert was cancelled.  This led to the re-scheduling of the race from spring to summer for 2014.

Disappointed entrants commented on Facebook with many overseas runners bemoaning the loss of travel and accommodation expenses or a raceless weekend in the Scottish capital.  

The organiser's statement said:  "A great amount of effort from our organisation and our partners has gone into trying to operate this event for the third year, but unfortunately we were not able to secure the necessary local support to operate this event at a level that you would expect from the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series."



  1. Footworks Colin McPhail said...

    Without being negative, the writing was on the wall from the start in the way in which they conducted themselves within the local community. Anyone wishing me to clarify this can PM me on Facebook where I will gladly expand. It is a shame really as there is always going to be people who need the kind of encouragement this type of event offers which can help to promote the sport. Lets see if it's possible to get them to start off in a totally different manner going forward but I fear the damage may already have been done.

  2. Shona said...

    There were too many changes to the event, first the date then the route then the start/finish.
    This is during the school summer holidays when most locals would be away on holiday, bad move by organisers.
    They have done themselves no favours with this fiasco.

  3. james anderson said...

    the japan diplomat would never allow this sort of conscious handbag movement.It cannot be rectified by suits ,only by the vest wearers .
    long live the king!!!