22 Feb

River City Stars Set Sail For Edinburgh

stars of River City pose for cameras with running kit

The ADT Edinburgh Half Marathon is the target for Team River City - 7 intrepid soap stars who have signed up to run the big spring race. Team captain is Claire Knight, who plays Iona McIntosh in the popular BBC series, and was inspired to run in the event, and to persuade another six cast members to join her, because of her friendship with Scottish television veteran Eileen McCallum (Liz Buchanan).

Eileen is a huge supporter of sufferers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy through the Eileen McCallum Trust. This is a cause close to Eileen's heart as her two grandsons suffer from the disease.

Claire is being joined by Billy McElhaney (Jimmy Mullen), Lorna Anderson (Amber Murdoch), Reanne Farley (Annie Sobacz), Gary Lamont (Robbie Fraser), Keira Lucchesi (Stella Walker) and Nick Rhys (Leo Brodie) to make up a magnificent 7 of celebrity racers for the ADT Edinburgh Half Marathon on April 10. The group re-assembled on set this week after a winter break from filming to plan the final stages of their training.

All of the River City stars were upbeat as they planned the final month or so of training and were united in their determination to raise as much as possible for the Eileen McCallum Trust. If you'd like to support this good cause you can sponsor the team at their online charity page. For more information about the Eileen McCallum Trust visit the charity website.

Read the full story of Team River City's Edinburgh Half Marathon preparation in the spring edition of SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE - out on March 6.