13 Sep

The Ripl Effect Is Spreading

image showing the Ripl effect

Peter Thomas has created a sports clothing business with a difference. His company, Ripl Sports, offers a unique concept, which Peter is hoping will promote a significant increase in the number of people running.

Peter's big idea is that when someone buys a Ripl product, another person nominated by the purchaser will receive a Ripl running accessory for free! In being chosen and receiving a free item, Ripl hopes that the nominated person will feel inspired, to either start or keep running.

Ripl has a streamlined, but high spec, range of runwear. High performance T-shirts are the flagship products; expect fast-wicking materials, high breathability and zoned ventilation plus reflective logos for safety, and flat lock stitching for comfort. The Ripl range also includes vests, shorts, capris, buffs, headbands and Smartphone arm straps. Importantly Ripl focuses  on choosing its suppliers very carefully and building local, ethical relationships  (check out their 'Supplier Ethos' online for details).

So far, so good. But where Ripl stands out from the crowd is in the groundbreaking Ripl Effect concept. Quite simply, every time someone orders an item from the Ripl store, they are asked to choose someone who they want to inspire / support to either start or keep running. Whoever they choose is then notified and able to choose an item from the Ripl Effect range for free (inc no postage costs), to help with their running!

Many people have already started their Ripl Effect and their chosen friends/family have received free items. And the feedback so far, has been excellent; regarding both the quality of the products and the general experience of starting a 'Ripl Effect'! Encouragingly for Peter Thomas and Team Ripl many chosen people, have already extended the Ripl Effect they are a part of, nominating someone else to receive a free item!

Peter told runABC: "The Ripl message is spreading. We're using the power and generosity of everyday runners, to inspire others and to take the running message to a wider public. Soon you'll start to see Ripl runners at your club or at a local event. Chat to them, find out more. Over time, as the Ripl Effect grows, we hope to help people connect like never before, through running and positive inspiration!"

Find out more at the Ripl website or be part of the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.