28 Jan

Richard Running For Moira

Richard CooperRichard Cooper has vowed to run 366 miles this year in memory of former schoolmate Moira Jones. Moira was killed in Glasgow’s Queen’s Park in 2008, and is now remembered in the annual Moira’s Run 5K. Richard is running one mile each day to raise cash for the Moira Fund.

He explained how the idea came about: “I was at school with Grant (Moira’s brother) and my brother Paul was in the same class as Moira - so we were all at school together. When the first Moira's Run was done in Queen's Park I got in touch to say I would see him at the run. It was 25 years since I had last seen him but it's been wonderful to be back in touch. I ran the race and actually won it, though this year when I ran it I dropped to third place.

"It made me start thinking about what I could to help. I like a challenge and I thought if I could get to 366 miles, one for each day of the year, that would be a good test.”

To ensure Richard hits his target, he will be taking part in several events including the Kintyre Way, Clyde Stride, River Ayr Way and the Glen Coe Mountain Marathon.

To donate to Richard’s cause, visit his My Donate page.


  1. Richard Cooper said...

    Thanks for the publicity!! I'm trying to race 366 miles this year. Averages at a mile a day and I'm on track so far.

    The link to my donation page doesn't need the www - would be great if you could update it.

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this.


  2. Richard Cooper said...

    Link updated and now working fine. Thanks to the guys at runABCScotland!