16 Dec

Richard Reaches 1000K

Richard CooperRichard Cooper completed his 366 Challenge at Great Run Local Glasgow Quays on Wednesday (14 December). The challenge involved racing 1000km in 2016 to raise money for The Moira Fund – a charity set up in memory of Moira Jones who was murdered in 2008.

Moira’s mother, Bea, and brother, Grant, were there to witness Richard crossing the finish line at his 107th event.

Richard said of completing the challenge: “It's a great feeling to hit the 1,000km target, and it has been all the more special to have Bea and Grant along to witness the event. The whole running community has been amazing this year, supporting me, and The Moira Fund, in the amazing work that they do.”

“I’ve not quite finished though - still a few days of December left and time for some last races and some final sponsorship!”

Grant said: “He’s been an inspiration not just to ourselves but to a lot of people.”

Bea added: “He’s inspired a lot of people. He’s totally dedicated. I feel like I can’t find the words anymore. Every time he does something we’re so grateful, but you can only say, 'thank you'. I can’t say it loud enough and I can’t say it long enough. I couldn’t mean it more.

“The achievement is amazing. The money is amazing. And it’s already made a difference.”

You can sponsor Richard at his BT mydonate website.