24 Jan

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dr. James LoganThe Stroke Association is offering people the chance to make a pledge which counts and take part in a 5k or 10k Resolution Run in March 2015. What’s more, these are being supported by Dr James Logan of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and presenter of TV programme Embarrassing Bodies. 

There are over 20 Resolution Runs taking place across the UK, including events in Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and London. Dr. James, who also makes regular appearances on the BBC’s The One Show and Bang Goes the Theory, is supporting the Stroke Association because his gran, Margaret Kerr had a stroke just before Christmas two years ago. 

He commented: “It’s easy to let work and other commitments take over our lives. But getting out in the evenings for half an hour’s exercise can make a huge difference to our health and the way we feel about ourselves."

On the upcoming series of events, he encouraged prospective runners: “Signing up to a Resolution Run is the perfect way of committing to doing something important for people whose lives have been turned upside down by stroke and can really help you stay on track with your fitness plans. And remember, it can also be a lot of fun!”  

Annie Moran from the Stroke Association added: “Many of our New Year Resolutions focus on key personal improvements like quitting smoking, eating healthier or joining a gym. But too often these fail by the end of January. We’re looking for “resoluters” to join us for a 5, 10 or 15K Resolution Run. It’s your chance to make a pledge which counts and help us to conquer stroke.”

To find your nearest event visit the Resolution Run website here