4 Feb

Registration Closes For Alloa Half… Again!

Alloa Half Start

Registration for this year's Alloa Half Marathon has closed for a second time following a record number of entries to the event on 16 March. Entries were initially closed on 28 January following the race limit being reached, but were reopened for a limited time to allow more people to take part.

Organisers said: "This year there has been an unprecedented number of runners signing up for the Alloa Half Marathon and we have had no alternative but to close the registration process. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly, however we have to take into account the safety of all the runners and the logistics of organising the race months in advance.

"As an indication of our current situation, we now have 1,930 registered runners compared with 1,300 at the same time in 2013. Therefore due to restrictions on the race capacity, we are unable to accept any more entrants for the 2014 race.

"We will of course be looking at the capacity for next year and see whether it is possible to increase this in excess of 2,000. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for 2014 and hopefully we will see you in 2015."

For more information, visit the Alloa Half Marathon website.


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