24 Aug

Record Numbers For LP Run

Runners at LP Run

Heather Jones of Edinburgh Running Network reports on the fourth LP run which took place last Sunday (18 August).

Now in its 4th year, the LP Run is based on the longest continuously run race in Houston, Texas (2013 being its 46th year). It involves runners going as far as they can in a set time.

The Event
After an aerobics warm up, the runners awaited the firing of the official starting gun as the warm up music of 'Spinning Around' and 'The Final Countdown' faded out. Then began the task of running as many revolutions per minute (laps) of the track as possible during 33 and 1/3 minutes, the number of times a vinyl LP rotated per minute. This year's musical theme of 'summer sunshine' was supported by the weather, with the runners only having to contend with a bit of a head wind on the back straight. We had a record number of entrants this year of 93, approaching our field limit of 100.

The Winners
It was a closely contested competition for first man and first woman. The honours went to Louise Cullen, first woman, who ran 8.19km and to Phil Humphries, first man, who ran 8.88km. There were also spot prizes for the runners whose ages were closest to 33, 45 and 78 on 18 August 2013, namely Jennifer Macdonald, Eleanor Mackenzie and Mike Murray. The winners were presented with commemorative LPs, and the top finishers a special LP medal.

And after the run, it's all about the cake!

ERN love their cake, and there was a cake competition to satisfy . There were all sorts of cakes including a spectacular Summer Sunshine cake complete with ice cream cones, a chocolate and beetroot cake, a vegan carrot cake, a chocolate raspberry traybake, and various lemon, passion fruit and ginger concoctions.

The 'Best Dressed' entries were a feast for the eyes, with a cake representing a 100m track. An independent judging panel had a difficult time deciding. After a comparison of blind tasting scores the winners were announced. Mike Russell, in presenting the prizes, said: "It was an incredibly hard job choosing between so many fine looking and wonderful tasting cakes."

Barry the Gun, who has been on the judging panel since the LP run began in 2010 said: "The standard keeps getting better every year, particularly on the presentation". The judges views were then corroborated by all the runners who enjoyed a fine feast of cake after their exertions on the track, with very little left at the end of the event, a sure sign of success in the baking and eating departments!

Baking Awards
There were 28 cakes entered into the cake competition, around one third traybakes and two thirds traditional round and square sponge cakes of various kinds

  • Best Traybake - Julie Lindsay for Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
  • Best Dressed Cake - Karen Furey and Heather Jones for Luscious Lemon Cream Cake
  • Tastiest Overall Cake - Kirsten Hill for Summer Chocolate Fudge Cake

The Music
The music element really fired people up. Runner Les McIntosh said: "The tunes and the beat really kept me going out on the track," and ERN member Bex Carter said: "Loved the music and the megamix, including the ones I hadn't heard before!".

The Charity Link
Edinburgh Running Network like to give back to the local community and this year we raised over £400 for Down's Syndrome Scotland. There was a special moment when Aicha Reid, longstanding member of ERN, said a few words about how DSS had helped their family this year, when their daughter Flora was born in January unexpectedly with Down's Syndrome.

Aicha said: "Before we had a baby with Down's Syndrome I would have imagined that Down's Syndrome Scotland were probably nice people doing good things. Now I know that they are amazing people providing invaluable support to families like ours."