4 Aug

Racing For Sweet Treats

Woman running in the sunshine

Runners in Dundee are being told its ok to have a sweet tooth by new running community, sport is sweet. This new group has developed a series of progressive races, 'Race For Sweets', taking place in Dundee over the summer, after which runners will receive a sweet treat of their choice.

The first race was a 3K distance on July 9 and the second follows this Friday night at 6.30pm with a slightly longer distance of 4K. After each race, runners will get the choice of an apple, ice lolly or ice cream as a reward for their efforts. The series will culminate in a 5K race on September 3.

The idea behind the races is, although being healthy involves eating well and exercising, there is no reason why you can't still have the odd treat. The maths behind the theory comes from a study showing that the average man will burn 289 calories by running 3K, meaning runners will have 'calorie change' if eating an Ice Cream Cone (150cal), Ice Lolly (100cal)or Apple (50cal).

Entry to each race is £5 and entries will be taken on the night if the limit has not been reached.