7 May

Race The Train!

Race the Train 2009 by Phil Johnson

For something a little bit different this August, why not head to Wales and take part in the annual Race the Train Competition, held in Tywyn, Mid Wales on Saturday August 21.

The popular event is now in 26th, holding 4 separate challenge events, the Rotary (14miles), Quarry (10K), Dolgoch (5.5miles) and Tynwynhen (3.5miles) Challenges. Each challenge starts with a whistle from the steam train signalling that the race is on, with runners trying to beat the train to its destination in Tywyn.

The main challenge is the Rotary Challenge, which is 14 miles long and the train will take approximately 1 hour 47 minutes to reach the finish line. Select few runners do manage to beat the train to the finish, and there is always a good atmosphere is the race is tight.

This race is fun filled day for families as well as established multi-terrain runners. The route follows the train track as closely as is practically possible, using a mixture of public roads, lanes, un-metalled roads, tracks, agricultural land and rough grazing pastures. The route has a lot of steep hills and can be extremely wet and muddy in places.

For more information on the race, and to enter, visit the Race the Train website.