22 Feb

Practise Your SUMS For 2012

Scottish Ultra Marathon Series

For an increasing number of runners, stopping at 26.2 miles isn't what happens anymore. Over recent years there has been a surge in interest in ultra-marathons, which counts as anything beyond marathon distance, although usually over 30 miles.

The Montane Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS) is about to start its third year this March. It is made up of a series of 9 ultras from March to September, ranging from 33 miles at the Deeside Way Ultra to the iconic West Highland Way that spans 95 miles.

For the series as a whole, the highest aggregate of four highest points scored will decide the competitor's position. Last year's event saw international runner Grant Jeans and Lucy Colquhoun take the top prizes.

The first race in this year's series is the D33, which takes place on Saturday, March 17. Regarded as the perfect race for anyone wanting to make the step up to an ultra with a flat 33 mile route, the event has already attracted 200 competitors.

If you are wanting to set yourself a new challenge for 2012, you can enter the D33 for an modest £10 (£12 unaffiliated). For more information, visit the SUMS website.