13 Nov

Paula Back On Top


Paula Radcliffe is to retain her iconic world marathon record after the IAAF performed a political U-turn. In September, the world governing body for athletics announced that they would no longer recognise performances achieved in mixed male and female races as world records.

The decision meant that Radcliffe\'s 2003 mark of 2:15:25 achieved in London would no longer be the world record, as it was not run in female-only conditions. Instead her 2005 winning time of 2:17:42 would be the recognised world record and her 2003 time would only be referred to as a \'world-best\'.

The decision prompted an outcry from the international road running fraternity led by Radcliffe\'s sponsors Nike using the strapline \'History Stands\'. On Wednesda, November 9, the IAAF announced a softening of their stance which stated that they will, after all, recognise Radcliffe\'s best time as the world record, but that new records will only be ratified in women-only races.

Radcliffe reacted to the news of Twitter, saying: "Woke up to phone going crazy and learned from Twitter about the IAAF decision. Thank you all for the support."