30 Nov

parkrun Teams Up With Strava

parkrunparkrun has announced a new partnership with online running network Strava. The partnership will see two of the world’s largest running communities team up, helping parkrunners find and connect with other runners in their local area, as well as tracking their own performance and improvement using Strava.

parkrun organises free weekly 5k timed runs and Strava has established itself as a leading website and mobile app, allowing users to track their running activities via GPS and compete against each other online.

parkrunners will be able to connect their Strava account with their parkrun profile through the parkrun website. This will allow them to identify fellow Strava athletes by way of a Strava badge next to their names in the parkrun results table. parkrunners will then be able to follow and connect with each other using Strava’s social functionality.

For parkrunners, Strava’s segment functionality helps members analyse their performance during each stage of a run, and track improvement via Personal Records, as well as letting you compare your performances with other runners using leaderboards.

parkrun say: “We’re really proud to have an amazing community of runners of all abilities, culminating in tens of thousands of runners participating at parkrun each weekend. We think Strava is a brilliant network for parkrunners to get social and learn from and encourage each other all year round. It’s a wonderful tool to help with self-improvement for those looking to get that next PB.”

Gareth Nettleton, director of International Marketing at Strava, said: “As keen parkrunners ourselves, we think Strava is a great way to find and keep up to date with likeminded runners in your area, as well as using our online network to analyse and improve training and performance. We think it’s really exciting for two running communities to join together and commit to serve the running community better together.”

Linking your parkrun and Strava account is optional and can be revoked at any time.

For more information, please visit the Strava website.

Photo credit: Andy Waterman