7 Jan

parkrun Set To Expand

One of the big success stories of Scottish running in 2009 was the establishment of parkrun. The free weekly 5k time trial concept actually started towards the end of 2008 at Pollok Park, Glasgow however it has grown in strength over the last 12 months with event participation often reaching 200 runners. parkrun in Scotland developed further with the launch of the Edinburgh event which was an immediate success.

Now there are plans to expand the parkrun network with hopes of another parkrun in Glasgow. Organisers have the support of the City Council and there are a few candidate parks, however they are still looking for a motivated volunteer or two to come forward to manage the event. They are also hoping to see some developments in Linlithgow and Dundee in the course of the year.

More likely next though is an event in Stirling. A volunteer has come forward to organise the event and is actively seeking further offers of help. Any running enthusiasts in the Stirling area who might be interested in getting involved, whether as a core organiser, occasional helper or just to express their support for the event, should contact GlasgowOffice@parkrun.com.


  1. moira nammary said...

    would be interested in volunteering to help in any capacity with a parkrun in Stirling