14 Sep

Parkrun On Air


Monday afternoon saw the launch of the first ever Parkrun Show, a 20-minute podcast that brings together all of the weekend highlights from the parkrun events across the UK. The programme brings together statistics, features, and news within the parkrun community.

The show attests to the growing popularity of the parkrun organisation and will be produced in addition to the weekly newsletter. Following the success of Marathon Talk, the programme provides a forum for the 10,000 runners that took part in the 88 parkruns this weekend.

This week's show saw the panel discuss the logistics of pacing a friend looking for a sub 20-minute race, the junior parkrun runner with 169 races already under his belt, and prospective venues for new parkruns.

Parkrun is an organised, free, and timed 5k run that takes place weekly. To find your nearest parkrun venue, visit their website