6 Aug

Four Race Weekend

Owain and Mandy

Owain Williams realised his ambition of completing all four jogscotland One Big Weekend events as he crossed the finish line at Edinburgh’s Cramond Promenade on Sunday (3 August). The web developer took first place in both Aberdeen and Glasgow, and second place at the Perth and Edinburgh events.

Owain was joined at his hometown event in Edinburgh by his wife, Mandy, who drove him to the three other runs.

32-year-old Owain spoke about his preparation for the challenge: "Training for four runs in four cities for one fabulous weekend helped keep me in shape. I wanted to show that anything is possible. I think jogscotland One Big Weekend is brilliant. It’s all about inspiring people to get out there and enjoy being fit.”

He wasn’t the only participant to complete all four events with Laura Douglas, Mark Andrew Milne and Tracy Anne Newson Milne also running in every event.

43-year-old Scott Dolan (17:42) took first place in Edinburgh with Sandra Middlemass fastest female in 22:26. Martin Anderson was fastest male (18:19) in Perth, and Alice Gall the first woman to cross the finish line (23:52). The Aberdeen event saw Glynnis Buchan take first place (23:01) with Catherine Ferry first in the women’s race at Glasgow in 19:36.

Scott said after his victory in Edinburgh: “After coming third in last year's event it was great to win the race this year. The route itself was fast and flat, ideal for a PB. With stunning coastal views and friendly competition from fellow runners it was a pleasant and enjoyable evening all round.”

For full results, visit our race listing page.