8 Dec

Offering A Helping Hand

Runners high-fiving

Acknowledging other runners with a nod of the head has become part of running etiquette, but now a running club in New York is hoping to change that nod to something slightly more intimate - a high five. High 5 Running Club is a new project based in London and New York that aims to make running more fun and social by encouraging runners to high five one another.

Dan Ross-Jones, co-founder of the club, said: "The general idea is to put an end to lonely running by encouraging people to high five other runners they pass. By buying a High 5 Running Club shirt, you can throw it on every time you go for a run and by wearing it, other runners will see the distinctive design and line up to give you what we've found to be the best performance enhancing booster on the right side of the law, a high five.

"Having adopted this running style over the past couple of months, believe me when I tell you it's a lot of fun and more people are up for a high five than I thought would be initially!"

The club is designating 1 January 2013 as the first official 'High 5 Running Club Day' and will be arranging five of these days a year, each with a separate theme. For more information, visit their indiegogo campaign page.