24 May

No race waste to landfill at this weekend’s EMF

Edinburgh Marathon Festival runners worried about the impact their participation might have on the environment this weekend can now breathe a sigh of relief.
Organisers have announced a partnership with Hamilton Waste & Recycling, furthering their ambition to be one of the only ‘zero waste to landfill events’ in the country.
Sandra Scott, EMF event director told runABC Scotland online: "We are delighted to announce our partnership with the team at Hamilton Waste & Recycling to ensure that none of the waste generated at the event ends up in landfill.
"Each of us understands the importance of making the event as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, so while we investigate and develop products to allow us to eradicate plastics completely from our event, this interim step to ensure that zero waste goes to landfill is vital."
Organisers have asked every individual taking part in or watching the over the weekend to help them achieve their goal by making sure they place their rubbish in the bins that will be provided around the start, finish and course areas of the event. 
As Scott explained: “Using the bins is important, particularly on course where the wind can catch empty bottles and gel wrappers and transport them miles away. So please help our teams in these areas by making sure that every last piece ends up in the bin.”
All waste collected over the weekend will be taken away by the team at Hamilton, one of Scotland's leading independent recycling and resource management companies, to their recycling facility in Musselburgh. 
Each piece will be sorted and recycled into useful products. Any waste that cannot be recycled will be used in the production of a waste derived fuel which, in turn, is used to generate sustainable energy and offset traditional fossil fuels.