2 Jul

No Quitting For McQuitty

McQuittyTurning 60 is a good enough reason for many people to put their feet up, but not Anne McQuitty. The retired piano teacher from the Borders became a sexagenarian in February and to celebrate is tackling sixty 10k runs in a single year. 

Anne's ‘Run 60 for 60’ challenge mostly features local runs mapped out by GPS, but she will also take part in 12 organised races, including the Duo Challenge event in September’s Scottish Half Marathon in East Lothian on Saturday 19 September. She is taking on the challenge to raise funds for Cystinosis Foundation UK, a charity close to the heart of the community in her home village West Linton. Five-year-old Morven Hutchison lives in West Linton and acts as an inspiration for Anne’s fundraising.  

Anne has set a £2500 target for her fundraising. A former league squash player, Anne took up running to train for the 1983 Edinburgh Marathon. Due to family life and injury, her involvement dwindled over the years but has been rekindled recently.

“I joined West Linton Training four years ago. It is a local self-employed business run by Michael Jent. He is a professional lifecoach and trainer and has converted his double garage into a fully equipped gym. Its amazing...one to one sessions with training adapted to suit your needs.

“That got me running again and it was when I came up with the idea to ‘Run 60 for 60’. It was suggested that it was very sponsor-able and I decided to run for Morven. I decided to look at 10ks as that distance was new for me. I actually find the 10k distance quite challenging...in some ways it’s too short and fast."     

Scottish Half Marathon will be a focal point for Anne as she moves just over the halfway point of her year-long attempt. The Duo Challenge involves two team-mates splitting the course, both running just over 10k each to complete the 13.1mile distance. Anne is teaming up with Moira Jent, wife of her trainer for the event on Saturday 19 September.

Entries for the Scottish Half Marathon are open and start from £29.57. For full details, visit the Scottish Half Marathon website.