17 Jun

jogscotland group’s 24-hour challenge raises thousands for charity

jogscotland's Newmachar Running Group – better known as NRG – has just raised thousands of pounds for a local charity.

Each runner who took part sought sponsorship to complete a set number of four-mile loops of a local route over a 24-hour period. 
Nearly 60 runners took on the challenge, with 50 runners heading out on the first lap – which started at 7pm – and 12 hardy runners carrying on through the night.  
Kevin Mottram, founder of NRG and organiser of the challenge, told runABC Scotland online: “Our original goal was to run 1200 miles, and raise around £3000 for Charlie House. But our runners smashed that target, reaching the 1000 mile point after just 13 hours and 20 minutes.” 
Over the course of the 24 hours, three members of NRG completed 13 laps of the rural route, and so 52 miles each. Many children took part in the family-friendly event too, with some completing a very impressive four laps (16 miles). Kevin Mottram, an ultrarunner himself, took part too – managing to fit in ‘only’ 32 miles amongst his race-organising duties. 
In the end, the tireless runners of NRG ran a total of 1664 miles, raising £6000 for the Aberdeenshire children’s charity. Feedback from the runners who took part in the event was overwhelmingly positive. 
Kevin told runABC Scotland online: “One female runner was so keen that she set out on her last lap with only 42 minutes left on the clock – and completed it, with just seconds to spare.” 
Looking back on the event he added: “I was overwhelmed by the number of runners who took up the challenge, and the support I got from members of the group and other jogleaders.
"So many of the runners said right after we finished that they couldn’t wait to do it again next year … and I hadn’t even said I’d do it again next year! … But I guess I’d better start planning something! I have a few ideas, but it’s really up to the group and what they would like to do.”
Now 130 members strong, NRG was founded in September 2017 as a means to encourage local residents to take part in the newly created Newmachar 10k. The group became affiliated with jogscotland in November 2017, and has grown ever since. 
Easily recognised in the local area for their bright orange shirts, NRG were one of the three finalists for ‘Group of the Year’ at the 2018 jogscotland awards. 


  1. Margaret Low said...

    Amazing effort by you all. So proud of everyone involved in NRG and what an awesome community effort. Sure many more great challenges are ahead for you all. VERY WELL DONE. xxxx