21 Dec

New Record For Steve Edwards

Steve EdwardsSteve Edwards rounded off what has been a highly successful year of running by finishing as the overall winner at last weekend’s Enigma Christmas Double marathon event in Milton Keynes. Perhaps more importantly, Edwards’ performance means he has become the first ever runner to complete 500 sub 3:25 marathons.

Known as 'The Godfather' of marathon running, Edwards set his first record in 1990 at the age of 28 - becoming the youngest person to run 100 marathons. From 1991 to 1992, he set a record for the most marathons completed over the course of a year, managing 87 separate 26.2 mile races.

In 2012 when he became the first ever person to successfully complete 500 sub 3:30 marathons and earlier this year, the endurance runner won the ‘Enigma Week at the Knees’ in Milton Keynes, which involved seven marathons over successive days; a feat he managed in an average time of 3:22:13. In 2012 when he became the first ever person to successfully complete 500 sub 3:30 marathons.

Edwards’ latest feat saw him set consecutive finish time of 3:14:17 on Saturday and 3:21:34 on Sunday at the Milton Keynes event, bringing his lifetime total to 664 marathons. Looking ahead, Edwards said he plans to hit the 700 mark in 2015: "I'm so focused on trying to keep my finish times reasonable that I sometimes forget I'm not getting any younger, my overall average finish time for 664 marathons is still hovering around 3:18 so if I can reach 700 without letting that slip it makes that record and indeed the other records more difficult for someone to break in the future."

Edwards added: "In terms of other targets for 2015, it would be great to achieve 600 sub 3:30s and extend that particular record even further, I need 12 more to get that total. I'd also really love to achieve 300 sub 3:15s which have been harder to come by lately but with 11 of those required I have to give it a go, so plenty to stay focused on. For now though, it's been another long hard year and I'm really looking forward to a complete week off from racing and training and having a bit of a rest!"