12 Jul

New Polar System Is Here

Polar RCX5

The much-anticipated combined heart rate monitor and GPS system - the RCX5 training computer - from Polar is now available from retailers. Polar is billing the RCX5 as a cutting-edge product ideal for endurance sports, with new features to coach you in planning, training and analysing your performance in detail.

Designed for runners who want to optimise their training and have an interest in a number of endurance sports, it boasts the latest performance enhancing technology. This includes the latest heart rate functions, a maximised display, strong aluminum frame, 'easy to use' buttons, compact GPS unit and a water proof disturbance-free WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter. All in all there's lots of technology to help take the guesswork out of training sessions.

Knowing how hard to train can be a challenge for runners as your condition changes every day depending on a number of factors, including your physical and mental state, stress, sleep, and previous training. The brand new ZoneOptimizer feature in the RCX5 takes out the guesswork by adjusting your personal heart rate zones for every training session based on your current physiological condition.

The RCX5 is available from Greaves Sports in Glasgow.