29 Jan

New Look For UK Athletics

British Athletics

Saturday's international match at Glasgow's Emirates Arena heralded the first showing for the recently re-branded British Athletics. Formerly UK Athletics, the new identity fronts a logo consisting of 14 separate pictograms, all of which represent a different discipline within the sport.

Following a memorable 2012 with the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the decision was made to make British Athletics the 'face of athletics across the country', with the aim of engaging and inspiring new and existing audiences.

Sophia Warner, British Athletics commercial director, said the unique design has been created to reflect the diverse nature of athletics. She explained: "Athletics could lay claim to being the most diverse sports in the country and that's something all of us at British Athletics are immensely proud of. Not only are there lots of different disciplines but people from all walks of life are getting involved - we wanted a brand that reflects that, and we're proud of our new image."

To find our more about British Athletics, you can visit their new website or their YouTube channel.