28 Jan

New Life Saving Device At Brighton Marathon

The Rhinochill unit

Organisers behind Brighton marathon have made a major upgrade to their safety procedures with the introduction of revolutionary life saving equipment - Rhinochill. Although health scares and fatalities are incredibly rare, major events like London marathon and Great North Run have endured tragic deaths in recent years. Rhinocall will be available for use in the unfortunate scenario of a cardiac arrest from 2013.

Brighton Marathon medical director Rob Galloway says that the breakthrough device will complement existing CPR and defibrillation treatment to significantly increase medical safety. He said: "Cooling the brain (therapeutic hypothermia) after a cardiac arrest has recently been shown to dramatically improve survival rates. Using Rhinochill to cool the brain down is a highly effective and safe way of performing this crucial piece of life saving treatment."

Race organisers also said: "The Rhinochill IntraNasal Cooling System induces therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest more rapidly, effectively and easily than conventional systems. It is a non-invasive, easy to use device which quickly and effectively reduces brain temperature by spraying an evaporative liquid up the nose and into the nasal cavity, a large area situated under the brain which acts as a heat exchanger.

"Hopefully, we will never have to use the equipment," said Galloway. "But if the occasion does ever happen, we know that we have the most advanced and up-to-date equipment available to deal with post cardiac arrest patients. We are delighted to be working with Benechill."