26 Oct

New Campaign to Encourage Women Runners

Take To The Streets is launching a new online initiative in 2010 to encourage more women to take up sport. The GoGirlActive campaign is being led by world class distance runner Benita Willis and aims to persuade more complete beginners to participate in some form of sport.

Benita said: "GoGirlActive will challenge women who maybe haven't been involved in sport before to take up regular activity with the sense that they're in a safe, non-judgmental and secure environment.

"The initiative will also encourage women who have intermediate or advanced fitness levels to achieve their goals through positive reinforcement from our experts' advice on the website. There will be tips covering everything from race/event choices to preparation and goals setting; from training to treatment and management of injuries, along with nutritional ideas.

"The information provided will not only be aimed at the active woman but presented in a way that can be used by the whole family."

Benita will be writing an exclusive blog while the Forum section of Take To The Streets will provide motivation to keep going through even the toughest times.

Benita added: "All women will be encouraged to 'blog' and make contact with each other as well as myself. I will be 'blogging' about my life and travels around the world as an elite athlete. The use of our new social networking sites, namely our Facebook page, will be particularly useful as all women will be encouraged to share their fun experiences in the Great Run or Great Swim events in particular and tell each other about their involvement in the Take To The Streets programme and how to get involved if someone out there is interested in joining us.

"The GoGirl Active initiative will give women the opportunity to meet like-minded women and do something for themselves that is greatly benefitting their health, confidence, social skills and determination as well as being cheap. Training groups will be formed across the country with enthusiastic leaders chosen to coordinate things.

"It will be all about women having FUN together in ways they may have not envisaged."

GoGirlActive will be launching on Take To The Streets in March 2010.