3 Jun

National Running Day - Get those trainers on !

National running Day Logo

Did you know that today is the USA's National Running Day and that millions of Americans will be taking to the streets, tracks, paths and sidewalks to participate in the great sport which is running. Why not join them? It's easy -- just go for a run! If you've never run before, today is the perfect day to start. There's no minimum distance required. It's a good idea to wear running shoes for your run -- but if you don't have running shoes, a pair of walking shoes or cross-training shoes will do for a short run. Ask a friend to run with you, or find a group of runners in your area. The more, the merrier.......and if you can't find a sidewalk a pavement will do.

What's this got to do with Scots? Well half the signatories of the original US Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent, three quarters of all US presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush have had Scottish roots and what do American Scots do to celebrate Tartan Day .....apart from the whisky and tartan they participate in the New York Scotland Run of course. There really is no excuse for you not to run today. Dust off those gutties and hit the cobbles.....